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Walk Inside with Me

I don’t have to reach down into me to understand where I am in life right now. At this very moment. I can feel the fear in my gut. Taste the unworthiness spilling out of my mouth. Hear the echoes … Continue reading

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Moments are Memories

I remember the smell of cheap alcohol escaping our mouths. The taste of lemon on my tongue as I sat there trying to get the taste out of my mouth so I could concentrate better. I don’t remember how we … Continue reading

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I don’t often take someone’s advice to heart. I merely listen, maybe comment, maybe think a little about what they said, and either take their advice or go with my gut. Let me say this: Always go with your gut. Over a … Continue reading

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The Gift my Dog Gave Me

In spring of this year, it had almost been 7 years since my grandma had drawn her last breath when my dog died. My grandma died the way she wanted to. Just as she lived her life–the way she wanted to. I did … Continue reading

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