Weighted Question

I have a question.

My dad is pretty obsessed with weight. He thinks my mom, who is 5 ft, 2 inches ant about 120 pounds, is overweight. When my mom tries to eat healthy (veggies, lean protein) he reminds her that he doesn’t need to eat healthy like the rest of us because he’s skinny.

This is coming from a guy who smokes a pack a day, will drink two or three 5 hour energy drinks a day, and can eat two cups of noodles, no problem. Not to mention he’s a genius who hates when you have an opinion that’s different than his. The kicker? He thinks that being thin means you’re healthy. He’s called me fat my entire life and when I told him I had body issues because of the way he talked to me about weight he said that it was my fault for listening to him tell me how fat I was at the age of eight.

My dad will never learn that his way of thinking is not always correct. The sad part is that its making the family not care about him. He never wants to go to the doctor for a physical. He hasn’t taken his colonoscopy since he turned 50 (he will be 56 this year). He doesn’t take care of himself at all and yet he’s so concerned with how fat the rest of his family is. I know it’s projection but telling my dad that there may be a message deeper than what he is actually projecting is like trying to get a dog to “meow”.

Because of this, I don’t call other people “fat” because in my book, “fat” is a derogatory term.

Do any of you go through this? And if so, how do you deal with it?

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