What Love Means

Hi. Do you understand what love means to you?

To me, love is comforting. It’s the feeling of absolute trust. It is patient. It’s tough. Love is seeing the person you wake up with every morning and recognizing that they are your partner. Your biggest cheerleader. The person who loves you enough to let you be free.

Above all else, love is extremely kind.

And despite what the psychic said, I see all of that love in my boyfriend. I see the partnership. I see and feel the trust. I recognize and know that he is my biggest cheerleader. He sets me free-I understand that my mind is what traps me in.

I see a future with my boyfriend. I want to marry him. I want to have kids with him. I feel that we will have a loving and fulfilled life together.

The part of me that is replaying what the psychic said is the part in me that’s fearful. I recognize it now that it’s Fear.

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