An Open Mind

I know I’ve been dark for a while. But I’ve got to experience my intuition. I’ve got to experience an open mind. I’ve got to open up my heart.

Yoga has transformed me. I remember when I first started. I remember how it made me feel to truly open up and be vulnerable. It’s still hard sometimes. But I think it’s getting there. Slowly coursing through my veins. I can’t remember what life was like without this Yoga class. I just know that after practice I feel like I’ve changed. My body feels different, how I think is different. I mean, I am human so I do still make mistakes and I do lash out at times. But I try to ground myself more.

Maybe I’m lying to myself. Maybe my chakra’s aren’t as open as I believe it to be. But something inside had changed. And I’m more aware of it now.

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