Thinking of the Truth

“Hi again. It’s me. Your intuition. I’ve bumped you on your head and squeezed your gut back in June. And you persisted with trying to make it work out. I told you to let it go, and you didn’t. You held on and fought the good fight. But you know in the end I will win. Why suffer for so long? You know you love him. But you know that you aren’t in love with him anymore. Something died when you went to see that therapist. Something died when you went to Japan. Why do you persist?”

“I persist because I do love him. He is a good man. I can see spending many years with him by my side. He loves me. Which makes me cry. I don’t know if I’m sad or if these are really happy tears. I can see myself having beautiful kids with him and having a nice life with him by my side. I love his hugs. I love his smile. I love when he comforts me.”

“Do you love it when he comforts you? Do you really love it like you say? Or does your mind wander to…your dog? The dog that saw you at your lowest moment in your short life?”

“Yes, I do love when he comforts me. He brings me back to a space where I am safe. Where I feel safe enough to express myself and let things go. Safe enough to share with him how I’m feeling at the moment.”

“Then why not tell him that you don’t think you are in love with him? Why can’t you tell him that?”

“Because I’m afraid of losing him. I’m afraid this life that I love, will be gone once he is gone. I don’t want to lose him. Ever. I want him in my life forever.”

“This is true, he will be gone because he will respect how you feel. He doesn’t want to weigh you down. He only wants to lift you up.”

“That’s why I can’t tell him. I wish I never saw that psychic, I wish it wasn’t brought to me again. I only thought about it once, back in June. And I was fine after that, but now it’s in my mind. Yoga helped it, a little. But it’s still here.”

“That’s because there’s some truth to the entire thing the psychic said. He is in your life to teach you something. But you really don’t know what that something is, don’t you? Do you even know what it means to be in love?”

“I don’t know the lesson. I don’t know if I learned it yet. I don’t know what it means to really be in love. I only know the pain when that person or animal is no longer in my life. Then I know that I was truly in love with them.”

“My child. There is so much more to learn. Stay with him now. I’ll keep this buried deep in your heart. In your soul. One day you will learn. You will not have this fear. You will now have this doubt. When this happens again, you will know what it is you must do to know courage and strength.”

“I want him here with me a little longer, Angel. Please keep him near me a little longer. I do love him. I do want to be with him. I want to experience life with him for a little longer. I do love him so much.”

“As you wish. I will return when the time is right. Do not dwell on this, my child. Your angels know when to make it arise again. And it will. Because you need it. Keep in mind that it will be a painful road when this happens again. But I will be here for you. We will all be here for you. You are so supported on this side.”

“Thank you. I did promise that if I ever felt that way again, I would act upon it. I intend to.”

“Make sure you do. Trust in me. Quiet now. Quiet the soul and your racing mind. I’ll be here for you, always. The more you trust in me, the more I will help you. The more I will steer you into the direction of your life path. Of your light path. I am always here. I will always love you.”


The psychic also told me that I’m an empath. I feel other people’s energies when I talk to them, hang around them, see them. I’m trying to hone in on those skills right now. But he did say that I need a piece of labradorite with me so that it can soak up all of those emotions. So I bought a stone from a rock shop on Instagram. I’m going to carry it around me for a while to see what happens and how I feel. I’m pretty excited to try it out because these extra emotions I’ve been feeling have been draining me. Hopefully it comes in soon so I can take it into my next yoga class.

I have this party I’m hosting tomorrow and I’m pretty excited for it! It’s going to be a lot of work but I’m expecting a lot of fun!


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