The Last Goodbye

She was leaving for another job opportunity. A chance to push herself out into a world completely different than she had ever known. A chance to grow in ways she knew she couldn’t if she stayed home. A chance to do everything and anything she wanted and dreamed of doing.

But in right now, she sat in the driveway staring at her steering wheel wondering how she would or could say goodbye. All goodbyes for her were sad. And although her friends threw her an unforgettable party just the day before. She sat there, staring at her steering wheel, wondering how to say goodbye.

Fear creeped in her ear whispering  hesitation, doubt, nervousness. Her heart was beating fast. Her breathing was unsteady.

But she had to say goodbye. This was the last person she wanted to see before she continued on her journey.

Forgetting Fear, she walked up to the door and rang the bell. Her friend answered the door. Surprised to see her there, she ushered her in with a tight hug.

“What brings you here? Had to say goodbye one more time, huh?” Her light brown eyes were twinkling.

“Actually, I came for…” But she paused because he appeared in the doorstep.

“Ohh. I see,” she whispered. “I’ll hold off his girlfriend as long as I can.” With that she was gone.

“Hey,” she said, nervously. Fear had come back.

“What are you doing here?” He asked.

“I had to say goodbye,” and she threw her hands out. He caught her hug and held her there.

And then she started crying.

“I’m really scared, you know. More than anyone thinks. I’m afraid of moving away from everyone I know and love. I’m afraid of the things I don’t know. I’ll miss everyone here! I’ll miss you!”

He replied, “But this is a great opportunity for you. I’ll miss you, but this is a great thing.”

She could feel him squeeze tighter, “Don’t cry. You’ll do just fine.”

“I had to say goodbye. I have to tell you,” She paused, catching her breath and trying to find Courage.

Then, with tears streaming down her face, she let go and backed away. And with that same smile he’s seen so many times, she said, “I love you. Be good. Do good.”

He stood there, not knowing if what he’s felt for all those years was friendship or real love. He didn’t know what he should say, really. There had always been something between them. Both have said they would have dated each other if circumstances had been different. If he wasn’t already with someone else for what seemed like a lifetime.

She stood there feeling embarrassed and stupid, “I’m going now.”

And she turned and walked away, the tears coming again.

And he stood there. Not knowing what to do or how he felt or what to say.

“The last goodbye,” she whispered as she stared at her steering wheel and started the car. “The last goodbye…”

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