What’s your word?

I am in need of something wonderful. Really wonderful. Like I’m crying wonderful. I need to feel like someone or something reached down into my soul and softly whispered into it something wonderful.

I want to have that feeling of amazement of what this Earth has to offer. Of what humans offered other humans. I want to feel that I’m worth more than who I am.

Who am I? Really? Who are you?

If you’ve ever watched “Eat, Pray, Love” in Italy they ask, who are you? You don’t respond with what you do, what you like, what you don’t like. You respond with who you are as a person living in this world. They also asked what your word is.

What is mine? I write, but I don’t call myself a writer. I’m kind, but I can be cruel and unforgiving, thoughtless, selfish. I’m humble, but I can boast. I am shy but other’s think I’m social.

So what is my word? Will I find it if I find something wonderful?

Even though I am in doubt, my word can be “change”. I have been changing over the past year. My mindset is different. It’s what my experiences have taught me. But I don’t change constantly. I change gradually. Oh…so should my word be “gradual” then?

I just want to see something wonderful. Something to bring a tear to my eye. Something that will instill a silence in me. A calm serenity where I can feel my soul and my heart, and the spirits around me.

Gradual. There has to be a better term.

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