Something Wonderful

I think this world can be a beautiful place. I don’t just mean what we see in nature or what was built centuries ago and still standing.

What I mean is the connections we share with each other. How the lines cross and divide 1281among us. How falling off the path can lead you to places you never thought. I think that’s something beautiful. Something wonderful.

I am lucky to have worked with great people here in my hometown. One person you leave, one person you stay with, and the person you left all of a sudden comes back into your life. Wonderful.

Everyone I’ve worked with in the past has come full circle and has helped me in some way, shape or form. Wether its getting help to write a story, helping me to find a job, even if it was temporary, helping me with Microsoft Excel, helping me become more personable and social-able, helping me become a better writer, or a better person, or teaching me the things I don’t want in life…they have helped in some way, shape or form.

I cannot begin to express my gratitude for what the people in my life have taught me. How they made me grow, made me push myself to be better, made me realize my own faults.  I don’t think its weird. Crazy, maybe.

But I think its wonderful.

I feel very blessed to know and have known those who I’ve come across with in this lifetime. To have laughed with them, to have smiled with them, shed tears with, and took part in their triumphs and downfalls. I am very blessed to know all of them. And I feel this more than ever today.

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