A Card is Your Heart

I’m already thinking of Christmas cards. I know it’s weird because I’m flying ahead of Halloween and Thanksgiving, and most people don’t like that idea. But you don’t generally receive or give cards for Halloween and Thanksgiving. You give them for birthday’s, when people need encouragement, when people are sick. You give them to those who get married, or someone who is having a baby.

And you give them out during Christmas.

So I sat down last night and decided to start one for a friend. I’ve been thinking long and hard of what to give him.

I read a book yesterday (and finished it, it was a fast read) called “Heaven is for Real” by Todd Burpo. It’s about his son Colton who visited Heaven. I cried and giggled throughout the entire book. But it didn’t make me think. I knew that what Colton saw was for real. I know Heaven exists.

But would my friend?

He has gone through a lot. He, I think is safe to say, doesn’t believe in a God because of his family accident. He doesn’t think his cousin is okay and is in a better place.

Can this book ease some of his pain? I thought about that a lot last night. Is this the correct choice for a Christmas gift when my friend isn’t a believer nor does he affiliate with any religion? What do you think?

I started thinking about the card that would go with it and what I really wanted to say.

“Thank you.


“I’ve always known you’ve had these gigantic walls. But this year a titan appeared and kicked a hole in oneof it’s many rings. And, I’m glad. I’m grateful you felt you could talk to me about something very personal and so close to your heart. It told me a lot about yourself and our relationship.

Remember that book I’ve been talking about getting you? I finally got it, read it, and now I’m gifting it to you as someone else gifted it to their best friend. I hope it helps you; if not a lot, a little. I hope this may open up your mind a little more than it already is.

“I can’t wait to see what the next year brings.

“You’ll always find a friend in me.

“With Love,”

When I first got Heaven is for Real from Amazon.com, I looked inside to see an inscription with the words (this is after the “To” part and before the “Love,” part), “My best friend. See you in Heaven!”

Underneath that I’ll put (between the “To: and “With Love,” part), “Sometimes it’s those things we least understand that deserve our deepest trust. Isn’t that what love and wonder tell us, too?” Then I’ll sign my name with a “With Love”. When I sign it like that I’m showing them how much they mean to me, and that I truly love them, pray for them, and I want to show them my heart.

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