Let’s talk about being grateful.

I had a friend who told me she thought I thought she was depressed because I gave her a book on happiness. She was going through a rough patch and I thought this certain book would make her feel better whenever she was feeling down (and this includes the rest of her life). I bought it with good intentions. Too bad the other person didn’t take it that way.

She told me she wasn’t depressed and she couldn’t think of another reason as to why I would buy her that book. I told her if she didn’t like it she could toss it. She said she never said she didn’t like it. In fact she was saying she didn’t like my intention. Which she assumed had to have been “depression=need happy book”.

I straight up told her I didn’t buy the book with that intention. She should know better because it’s coming from me, and she admitted that yeah, she knew it was coming from me. But it bothered her. Even though I said that if I felt she was really depressed she would get a long talk from me, not things, she continued to say how happy she was in her life now.

So why the assumed intention?

I could have told her her words hurt me. I felt stupid. I felt she didn’t appreciate it. But I held back and instead told her she’d never get a book from me again.

I’m always holding in how I feel while others can say what they feel towards me. Sometimes it’s not worth it. My friend was so wrapped up over me thinking she was depressed she had to say something. Obviously it bothered her. Is she insecure over this whole ordeal? Who knows. Obviously what she said bothered me. Now what? I have to be double careful in what I get her from now on?

Am I wrong? Is she right?

All I know is she’s never getting a book again. Just a bunch of wasted time.

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