So I guess I was wrong this entire time. Wrong about this thing called “Love.”

No matter what I read, it’s always the same.

No matter the distance. No matter the age. No matter whatever it is you can think of…when you are both fighting on the same side all in the name of Love, its real.

Yet something inside still wonders. Maybe its me being jealous, envious even. Maybe even a little crazy. Something inside wonders how two people can spend maybe 10 years a part, and still be in what they call “love.”

All I know is she is either mad at the fact I can make him laugh out loud, or she’s just insane and jealous of me, or she’s very insecure with herself….

Because I swear if you interrupt me one more time while I’m mid-sentence with him…I’m going to get up and walk the fuck away.

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