Taking Sides

QuoteThe only thing that tied us together was her. So now that that tie has been cut, it’s time I cut the ties that lead to her. And it all starts with this one person that I really never trusted to begin with, and now I know I can’t talk to anymore. It’s just too awkward. This leads me to the question of why we can’t be friends with people who have hurt the ones we know and love.

At first when you think about it, it seems so obvious. They hurt my best friend/aunt/uncle/parents/grandparents/etc, so therefore I can’t be friends with them, or I can’t communicate with them at all. But why not? Maybe there’s a reason they weren’t so nice to them, or they didn’t want to be friends with them anymore. I’m not talking about the ones who killed/raped/molested/etc the other person. They simply don’t want to be friends anymore because of the problems/issues/etc they’ve had in their relationship.

How does that directly affect you? Are you the ones that are getting hurt by them? Do you know what the other party is thinking? How they feel? What they’ve gone through? Why be so distant and so hesitant when you don’t know their story?

I told them how I felt. I said it loud and clear and they just didn’t get it! They didn’t understand. And they probably never will! It’s so stupid! It’s staring them in the face and to not know what I mean’t, to brush aside what I felt–it really hurts. All you cared about was yourself. How you felt. What you were going through. Not even realizing I may be going through a hardship as well. I don’t understand you. And I don’t need to nor should I have to understand you anymore. I took my stance. I am standing my ground. Not for you but for me.

I love myself more now than I did a year ago.

But does that mean I have to lose my friendship with your other friends as well? To me, no, that wouldn’t happen. But to them, it’s a yes.

You told me that one day I will learn that real friendships don’t end because of distance. I am telling you, this one didn’t end with distance as the enemy. And its stupid because I have lots of distant friends that I still talk to to this day. Distance doesn’t ruin friendships. The people involved do.

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